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Quick Review Steyr H5A  


Charlie Sierra
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2019-04-28 06:39:19  

Finally got to inbox this thing. It’s a mishmash of Styer quality and stupid “features”. 

The A in 5A is for automatic, in the sense that it’s an auto loader. In many senses it really isn’t. The pellet is never loaded into the breach/chamber via a probe, it’s more like an auto advancer...the magazine is really the “chamber” for each round. In doing a quick look at the rig, it seems moderately similar to the B56 mechanism. The aluminum mags are long and stick out pretty far as you get to the end of the mag which isn’t great. 

Accuracy is Styer good. It can put them on target, right where you want them every time and fast but to what end? I rarely hunt with a semi-auto rifle...and if I do, it’s more for the other features of the rifle, not because it’s semi-auto. 

I’m not inclined to do so with an airgun. 

For all the Styer goodness, there’s a lot wrong with this gun, stupid and needless things that reflect poorly on Styer.

1. The stock isn’t actually a solid piece of wood. If you look very closely after taking the action out of the stock, it seems to be a laminate made of “Turkish walnut”. As I have time I’ll take pictures but the stock has two distinct grain patterns and is almost two entirely different colors, left to right.

2. The magazine system is delicate, complicated, and prone to failure on the 5th round. There’s a tiny screw that index aligns the magazine and it seems they forgot to loctite it down because after 300 or so rounds, the thing came loose. This manifested itself as a “blooper” of a 5th round. Every 5th round would be a flyer as the magazine would not advance and index. As the pellet was not perfectly aligned with the bore, the pellet firing would “rapid swaged” the pellet shaving off fine slivers of lead that then gummed up the action. I took the whole thing apart, cleaned it, and hand adjusted the indexer and loctited it. The cocking mechanism is dumb as well even the Aeron folks made a better, less obtrusive cocking mechanism for their 5 shot pistol and rifle  

3. The trigger is garbage, there’s so much plastic in there it’s a wonder it works at all. A perfect example, the trigger bar, on this rifle it’s plastic on other styers I own, it’s aluminum. The bar actually flexes and is “spongy”. 

It’s a decent hunting trigger but no challenge trigger, not by a long shot.

4. The barrel is not threaded on the compact or scout barrel. That’s just plain stupid. You have to buy an aftermarket adapter that slides on and can be grub screwed in place or glued on I guess. It came with two sided tape and instructions on how to attach it using lighter fluid. 🤔😮🤔

Overall this rifle is an expensive plinker. Its not the match quality rifle the LG series is, it’s trigger is heavy, and the mag system is needlessly complex. It will be relegated to the back of the safe, wear the worst scope, and will probably get used at picnics for shooting pop cans. 

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2019-04-28 09:48:46  

Thanks for the review and insight. They are super fun accurate plinkers and rather expensive ones at that. I really like my 177 and 22 full length SH5As and my 177 LP50 HP a lot. I found that the SH5As are the most accurate semi auto airguns I have ever shot for short, mid, and long range shooting. More accurate than my FX Monsoons and Revolutions. I recently bought a 22 accuracy tuned JSA Evanix Max Air with a carbon fibre air cylinder and it is nowhere near as accurate as the SH5As but a real blast to shoot! It would be an affordable alternative at a fraction of the cost with a higher capacity magazine. It gets an inch group or less at 50 yards typically the size of a quarter. Good news is that it likes to shoot the cheap Crosman CPUM and CPH to get those groups which was the recommended pellets due to their hardness for trouble free cycling. I also have a Crosman 1077 in walnut but that one is in a different class and was only $100 but it is really really fun to shoot! Thinking of getting a trigger upgrade and converting it into HPA with a regulated bottle (DIY Wildfire).

I have the Aeron B96 as well and the Drulov DU10 semiauto pistols. Fun to shoot as well!

Can't wait until the Steyr semi auto bullpups are released, I want one in each caliber. And LOTS AND LOTS of extra magazines!

Higher capacity magazines with the new Steyr bullpups may remedy that 5th shot quirk but is a non issue if set properly FYI.

Triggers on the SH5As aren't as nice as the ones on my LG100 and LG110s nor 22 Hunter single shot. That I agree. Same with my LP50HP, trigger doesn't seem to be a true match trigger but fine for what is meant for. Spitting out a lot of lead as quick as you can pull the trigger.

Have to add that Steyrs in general "TO ME" seem to be the loudest PCP guns (and pistols) out there without an LDC that reminds me of shooting supersonic 22LR. Barrel adaptor and Huggett Snipe tames these rather well IMHO.

I have a pair of Hubens too and they are no comparison to the accuracy of  Steyr H5As nor the Evanix Air Max that's for sure.



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