Plinkster CO2 FFH f...

Plinkster CO2 FFH from Steve in NC  


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2018-02-11 11:00:44  

So I installed it yesterday, and immediately my gas mileage went from 30 usable shots per cart to 40!  Excellent improvement, and pretty easy installation.  You don't have to separate the gas tube to install this.

It LOOKS a little iffy.  After all, it's a piece of string.  I emailed Steve with my results, and my concerns, and he quickly responded with some very technical test reports, which in honesty, I scanned but didn't read in detail.  I feel reassured the thing will last, and I can't argue with the results.

When I got my Plinkster, I had a feeling it could be a great rifle, with a little development.  I don't have the expertise to do so.  So I sent one to Steve.  He fixed the trigger and the gas wasting, and both mods are now available and easily installable.

Full disclosure:  I have no connection to Steve's enterprise, and really just wanted MY gun made better.  So I sent him one to fool with.  At $109 shipped, it seemed like a good investment for the community at large.

Steve in NC
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2018-02-11 18:57:50  

Thanks, Jim, for the terrific reviews of SuperSear and FFH kits, and my apology...

for my too-geeky response to your concerns about the "piece of string!" 

The thing is, the nylon micro-paracord tether of the FFH design -- in particular its service life expectancy -- was a particular concern of mine, too.  So the fact that it's 2000% stronger than it needs to be, and made of a material with, as described in this article...

..."a virtually unlimited flex life" seemed to make it the ideal fit to the job.




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