Perfect New Hampshi...

Perfect New Hampshire Fall day to shoot some classics  


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2018-10-31 19:24:45  

Got a chance to drop in on Scott Blair from today.  We had some business to attend to and then a few hours of shooting time.  Here's a couple of pictures of some of the old classics and a couple of Scott's customs.

Left to right

FWB124 in a Steve Corcoran stock finished by Scott. 

My FWB 124S.  Very sweet shooting rifle. 

Scott's FWB 127 in a JM Himalayan Walnut customized by Mr. Blair.  David Slade worked his magic on that 127.  Smooth like silk!!!

My 127D from the old ARH.  Not as smooth as Scott's,  but it was dead nuts accurate even with original open sites!  

My Sheridan Supergrade...Grandpa's old gun. Lol

Scott's tricked out SG.  It speaks for itself! 

Loads of fun shooting off the deck.  Surprisingly,  these old rifles can easily reach out to 70 yards consistently.  More than you'd expect from a 70 year old rifle for sure!  The youngest of these is close to 40 years old.  

Guess it's true.....they don't make em like they used to!

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Jim in SWMO
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2018-10-31 19:45:19  

You guys sure know how to set a table!

Some very fine looking springers there. And those Supergrades are pretty nice, too.

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2018-10-31 20:01:26  

Very, very nice group of guns there. I bet it was nice to shoot all those great guns. I would love to handle and shoot a super grade someday.


And you're right "they don't make them like they used to"


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