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Pellet Question....JSB EXACT Premium Diabolo 8.44gr....How are these Different than JSB Match Diabolo Exact 8.44gr?  


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Hey all,

I am trying to find the most accurate pellets for my reduced power Diana 34 Classic Pro.  After shooting several, the JSB Match Diabolo Exact at 8.44 grains is right at the top of the list.  I only shoot at paper in my yard and usually at about 25 yards, maybe a tad less.  Sometimes I'll move around a bit and vary the distances, but it's common for me to be shooting at the 25 yard distances.

Anyway, I was trying to decide what tin(s) of pellets to buy cause I'm out and I went to Pyramyd to nose around.  In the JSB pellets, I found the ones I was looking for, the Match Diabolo Exact and they are priced at about $14 for a tin of 500.  I then come upon another pellet that caught my eye and I'd like to get some info on what makes it different than the Match Diabolo Exact and why it's worth more money.  This pellet is the JSB Exact Premium Diabolo 8.44 grain.  They are quite a bit more expensive, priced at about $15 for 200!  That's almost 3 times as expensive.

Can you all tell me how they are better, if they are, than the standard domed Match Diabolos that weigh the exact same amount?  Are they worth spending the money to shoot or is it something that I am not going to notice much of a difference at all in my rifle?

One last thing, if you know anything about the JSB wadcutter and match wadcutter pellets, I'd like to hear your thoughts on those as well.  I want to buy some good wadcutters without spending a ton of money on these Super Premium Olympic type wadcutters that some companies make and sell.

Thank you

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Field Target Team USA’s test of the JSB FT Premium pellets: Part 1



Field Target Team USA’s test of the JSB FT Premium pellets: Part 2



Whether they will be THE magic pellets for YOUR rifle, only YOU can decide, and for that you need to test.


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I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to the question you asked.  But I DO know something about buying more JSB Exact pellets you'll want to keep in mind, and you didn't mention it so I thought I should.

There is a head size on the back of the tin, like "4.51 mm", "4.52 mm", etc.  As you can see, they come in different sizes although they are still ".177 caliber".  That writing is located on the back of the tin, and is small, so you'll have to look closely.

So, if you want to duplicate the results you're getting now, it would be a good idea to buy more in the same head size.  Some vendors don't specify on a site but will sell you what you want if you talk to them on the phone, while OTOH vendors like Pyramid Air show the head size selections right on their site pages.

Just a footnote: Although your air gun may like a certain head size, it's possible that another head size will also shoot well, or even better.  You'd have to do some testing to find out.


Safe and Happy Shooting!

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