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PCP charging connector thread : 1/8 BSP or M10 x 1 ?  


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2018-05-26 03:27:48  

I have been under the impression that 1/8 BSP is the only standard but I just learned that there is the metric standard M10 x 1.  From Wiki, 1/8 BSP is  9.728 mm( diameter ) x 0.907mm ( pitch ). An example of M10 x 1 connector is this one :  https://www.pcpmart.com/pcp-airforce-paintball-stainless-steel-8mm-male-plug-quick-coupler-connector-m101-male-thread-for-air-socket-connection-qmf01/ .   May I know if quick disconnectors of the two standards are the same at the coupling part ? 

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