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Original smooth twist and jsb pellets  


Ben Zimmerman
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2018-08-18 14:45:02  

With the emergence of the Impact, Wildcat, and especially the Crown, the Royale has really taken a back seat in the air gun world recently; perhaps even been knocked of its' pedistool for good. I don't know who in their right mind would buy a new Royale when the Crown is only $100 more. Kinda sad😢 really, O well.


I don't shoot my gen 1 .22 Royale for groups often anymore but when I do shoot it, on still days, it tends to show me my mistakes. On gusty days it's all over the place, sometimes moving the 18.1 Jsb 3x farther than a .25 shooting at 40 ft. lbs. I had a breezeless day recently, however, and I gave it a whirl at 50yds. I pulled one but got 8 of 9 shots at exactly 5/16." I must say this gun still got it! Even with discontentment rising in me because of the Crown, I like everything about it. It's  still a wonder gun, just like it was years ago.


However since it is a tough shoot on windy days I have been condsidering getting a .25 for my main gun. But because of the emergence of Jsb's new pellets it has me thinking: all I need is to get my gun bucking wind as good as a .25. Which brings me to the point of this post. Has anyone tried the .22 redesigned pellets or the jumbo beasts in an original smooth twist barrel? Also, what would it take to get my gun shooting optimal for either of these pellets? Obviously a sacrifice of shot count but what else?New parts? Is this even possible?


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