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Only 3 rifles and 1 pistol allowed  

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2019-04-26 09:11:40  

Ok, here’s the deal:

With so many folks owning a long list of airguns, I’m wondering which ones you would keep- if you could only keep 3 rifles and one pistol? Blasphemy you say? Let’s say the “big one” has dropped and you can only carry these because any more would be too much weight…or whatever scenario you can think of.

In terms of “useful tools” (hunting and/or target), or if you are mostly interested in “collecting”, then lists those for that reason please. I’m a springer guy with only three rifles and 1 pistol presently. I have owned many others at one time or another. I presently have an RWS 54 .177 with a 3-9x52 Tasco, circa '95 or ’96 that I bought new from Gander Mountain, an R7, HW50s (not much trigger time yet at all) and a P1. I don’t care too much for the 54 anymore…too heavy and blocky. I would probably change out the R7 and definitely the 54. I have a couple dream guns in mind but I cannot list those because I have not owned them.

If you have PCP (‘s) that you prefer, please list those.

Remember, only 3 rifles and 1 pistol. I only ask because I’m interested in a consensus of what you guys absolutely value the most. I’m thinking that there will be some than cannot answer this question and that’s ok LOL. I understand completely that this is a broad and subjective consensus. If you can answer the question, I’ll take those guns that you chose not to keep.



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2019-04-26 09:57:30  

I don’t think specific makes and models are all that important so I’ll just describe them.

I’d have a regulated .177 PCP at 10-15fpe for targets, small game and pests out to 50 yards or so.  

Then a regulated .22 PCP at 30fpe or so for bigger pests or things from 50-80 yards.   That’s enough to anchor critters like a raccoon or red fox with one to the fuse box.  If I lived in an area with hogs or large fields with prairie dogs/ground squirrels at 100 yards+, I’d exchange for a .25 cal at 50fpe or so.

Then I’d have another regulated .177 at 6 to 9fpe for quiet back yard target practice and mini-sniping reactive targets like small candies, crackers, little army men, and Mardi Gras beads.

For the pistol, I would want a CO2 with long shot count.  Say, 4fpe or so for at least 50 shots on a 12g powerlet. Cheap fun and super convenient.  If I lived in a colder area hostile to CO2, I’d want a PCP with similar shot count, and just live with the larger size and weight.  

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2019-04-26 11:34:21  

I don’t think specific makes and models are all that important so I’ll just describe them.

That's a very nice and useful perspective.  Thanks.



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2019-04-26 12:50:13  

177 Benjamin Fortitude with Crosman Challenger CH2009 (Gen1 Marauder) Trigger upgrade with shim spacer and trigger guard. I shoot this rifle more than any other rifle I currently own.

22 Daystate Pulsar standard length barrel with Heliboard and Huggett Magna up to 50+fpe.

177 12fpe Euro version HW110 carbine quietest out of the box airgun that I have ever shot and 110-120 shots per 200BAR fill.

22 Steyr Hunting 5 Auto with Huggett Snipe Nothing compares to this

177 Steyr Hunting 5 Auto with Huggett Snipe Nothing compares to this

177 Nova Freedom (if there is no air source available)

177 Steyr LP50 HP pistol with a custom made LDC Nothing compares to this

177 Crosman 1701P with .080 P-Rod TP and RAI side folding and collapsible stock with a TKO this is the most accurate and quietest single shot long range pistol I own so far out to 85 yards has a Leapers 3-12x Mini Swat for now.

177 Aeron Spider ACZ 101 (so far)


Can't do it (3+1)


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2019-04-26 13:26:53  

1) My RAW HM1000 in .177. 150 shots with 10.5 Crosmans weighed to +/- 2 tenths and lubed with slick 50. Shooting 900 fps. Shoots better tan my Thomas or Steyr LG110. 

2) My new Benjamin fortitude when l get it finished with Marauder trigger.                                 

 3) My Steyr LG110.

Don't have a pistol now but a 1720T tricked out is hard to beat. 


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2019-04-26 14:08:51  

Ok, I'll go first representing the die-hard springer crowd:

Pistol: FWB65. Because it's just an amazing gun


  1. HW30 laminate tuned by JIPA  -it's a little, grey laser. 
  2. Macarri-built Beeman R9TK in .117 with Walnut David G stock. Cocks, shoots, and looks amazing.
  3. FWB 124, probably one with open sights, because I love it

IF we're talking end of the world, the list changes a little

Pistol: Webley Tempest (make in UK, of course). You can probably use this as a hammer and it'll still shoot fine. 


  1. HW30 laminate tuned by JIPA  -it's a little, grey laser for small game close in
  2. HW97 - Jan Kraner tuned in .22 - for bigger game/ farther out. Somehow it's 17 fpe, amazing shot cycle, and I can't miss with this thing. 
  3. R1 Carbine .22 - my current springer canon, and easier to lug around than the HW97. Or maybe I trade this in for another Crow Magnum/Eliminator. So I can try to keep up with the "low power" PCP guys. 

I could get rid of several AG's without too much trouble, but I don't want to. But to pare down to 3+1 would be a serious problem.  I blame the majority of people on this forum. 



Charlie Sierra
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2019-04-26 15:43:55  


FX impact mk ii in 22 with 25 cal barrel kit

so I’ll consider that two rifles. I love this gun, it’s quiet, it’s a hammer, it’s maybe the third or fourth one in the USA and it’s a brilliant design.

LG 100 FT in .177

I like this gun best of all over all the versions even though there have been improvements in the newer gun  


Morini CM 200EI

It’s just one of the most brilliant pistols out there. 

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2019-04-26 16:04:48  

I may have to amend my list because I just bought an FAC 177 HW110 Carbine and it may replace the 12fpe HW110 I have on the list. I will know more when I get to shoot it after I receive it. They are both identical on the outside and I chose the HW110s because they don't have traditional regulators to go bad (same with the HW100s they don't have regulators like the kind we are accustomed to) so one less thing to worry about servicing every couple of years or failing at the least opportune moment without any warning.

OR that may replace the Fortitude in 177 from my list since it will have similar power in comparison and only difference is probably less shots and heavier gun and keep both 177 HW110s on the list due to their inherent accuracy and HW reliability.

OR I may just add the additional HW110 FAC to the list and leave the 177 Fortitude where it stands just because it is one of the quietest and the sheer number of shots per 200 BAR fill for such a small reservoir and its superb accuracy from the new improved Crosman barrel.



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2019-04-26 16:30:16  

I may have to ammend my list

HA, the fact that you have a list of 10 or less leads me to believe that with proper care, you might be curable!...or not 😉 

Seriously though, good insight on some fine pieces.



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2019-04-26 16:34:31  

I blame the majority of people on this forum. 

Yes, they are so helpful in that respect LOL!

I really enjoy googling and checking out the guns mentioned by everyone.


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2019-04-26 16:43:02  

OOPS did the Donald (SPELL CHECK) "amend"



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2019-04-26 17:00:30  

This is why I bought my 3 HW110s (even after owning several HW100s which obviously didn't make the list) and notice how quiet it is and it is actually much more quieter than it sounds on the video due to the echo and sound dynamics in that semi enclosed space.

The early run of the HW110s had bugs and I did not buy them until recently after getting confirmation all was well. I rarely buy brand new model guns without doing my due dilligence first and wait a year or so to see if there are any problems or negative reviews.



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2019-04-26 20:20:52  

Target shooting only with spring piston rifles. I have PCP rifles. I get the same performance from a springer in competition.

1-Walther LGU with custom target stock (11.3 FPE) - accurate, easy to work on and fix

2-FWB 300S (6 FPE) - accurate like a PCP rifle

3-Air Arms TX200HC with a custom target stock (I don't own one but I will eventually. People say it's accurate and easy to work on)

Pistol: Air Arms Alfa Proj (PCP) with 1x red dot - accurate


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2019-04-27 17:21:27  

OK, first two rifles were easy.  Diana 34N .177.  Perfect do-all gun, beautiful as an extra, and wearing a Millett 6-18X40AO.  I know this gun very well, and we dance nicely together.

#2: Haenel Model 3 .177.  This particular gun has been around since the 1930's and still shoots like a dream.  Someone once said a proper air rifle has three ingredients, Steel, timber and hide.  This one fits that bill, and it's been around longer that I have, and will most likely outlive me.

Third rifle was a harder decision.  Had to go with the Daisy 753.  THE most accurate 10M gun I've ever owned, including Anschutz 250, FWB300, Diana 66, Walther LGR, Haenel 3.121, Hammerli Model 10. The little Daisy outshoots them all.

Pistol choice was easy: P17!  What's not to love? Cheap, effective, great trigger, and accurate, even for the likes of me, a horrible handgun shooter.  (Close second was the IZH 53M.)

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2019-04-27 21:50:19  

These are my favorites at the moment.

Pistol- PP700 .22

R7 .177- nicest plinker

HW97k .177- Small game and field target rifle.

Sam Yang Dragon Claw .50- because sometimes a .177 won't do.


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2019-04-27 22:17:47  

Rifles: Id keep 2 HW77KS in .177. , and one HW100S. 

Pistol: Ataman AP16 Compact

Speed doesn't mean a thing without precision.

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2019-04-28 06:31:05  

Well, thinking as a collector and dedicated backyard plinker rather than worrying about Armageddon (to which I will tote firearms, not airguns, thanks)...

Pistol: FWB 65. No less than Scott Pilkington says this is the one air pistol that can do it all. Who am I to argue with Team USA’s air pistol smith? 😀 

Rifle 1: A properly tuned HW 55 Tyrolean.

Rifle 2: My Webley Mk 3 Supertarget.

Rifle 3: My favorite mongrel, an FWB 300S Mini in a 300SU stock. 

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2019-04-28 12:47:42  

Survival mode

SLR98 in 22

Webley Patriot in .25 (gas ram conversion. )

.20 R1 All Weather

Pistol...Sig 226

Collector mode

FWB124 King Bee 

FWB124 Factory Walnut

FWB127 Tyro JM Custom

Pistol ....Walther CM88 .177

However,  I would be very sad if I were forced to choose at this point in my life.  I'm hoping I never get too old and feeble to use my airguns.

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2019-04-28 16:10:44  

When you say "the big one has dropped" I have to assume it's for survival. If so, all I want is my FX .25 Indy. Oh, I guess I would also need to develop a taste for jack rabbit. 😣 

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2019-04-28 20:03:39  

First of all my 1979 FWB 124D , bought that year from ARH. Rebuilt and like new.  Number two would be my Anschutz 380. Superior to a FWB 300 , in my opinion. Internal recoil less system more advanced then the FWB 300. And a Weihrauch 35E , which is on it's way. Pistol ? My scoped Beeman P1 in .177. So precision and so fun to shoot. Past that pistol , my RWS LP8 , which might be over so a bit more accurate then the Beeman P1 , but a heavy cock springer.

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2019-04-28 20:13:02  

My four will be for pure entertainment and backyard shooting. Listed in the decreasing order of preference.

1. HW77 (.177) mk 1 tuned to sub 12 fpe. (This is the one I will NEVER part with)

2. Bolt action S410 (.177) classic sub 12 fpe in sporter stock.

3. Bolt action S410(.177) sub 12 fpe in a MPR match stock and iron sights. ( I will replace this choice by a FWB 300s universal if I procure one, which I really should.)





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2019-04-28 21:03:31  

I'll be the joe dirt, my go to list.

First, my steroided 392

Second, vortek kitted 34 in .22

Third, vortek kitted 34 compact in .177

Pistol would be the only one I have, 1377

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2019-04-28 22:36:10  

Long lived, easy to maintain, minimal support materials.

1. Diana 48 in .22

2. FWB 300 mini, .177

3. Diana 34 Carbine .22

4. Webley Hurricane .177

Frank in Fairfield
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2019-04-30 14:08:41  


12 gauge shotgun

.22lr rifle

.22lr pistol

Stay safe and free..

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2019-04-30 18:53:22  


12 gauge shotgun

.22lr rifle

.22lr pistol

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to enter this.

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2019-05-01 14:32:56  

Thanks for all the great responses. Here is the list as I interpret it. Some responded with the same gun more than once for different calibers etc. I counted all those as additional inputs since those people value them as such. I counted those with more than 3+1 inputs because they valued those as well. I took the liberty of summing the list by the basic models; That is without reference to mods, caliber, version, variants etc. I must say though there are some pretty cool mods and variants!

If I were to pick the “top guns” from the list by popularity, They would be: FWB300s(5votes), RWS/Diana 34(5 votes) and if I combine the HW97&HW77,(5 votes total). The pistol would be the Beeman P1(2 votes) which includes my own vote- equaling 3+1. I have owned a 34 which is easily obtainable, a good ‘alrounder’ and lends itself well to mods. Never shot a 77/97 but I always liked the looks of the 77K with the Goudy stock…yeah, I could see myself with that. I’ve never seen a 300s but apparently they are loved by many! One would also have to consider the FWB 124 coming in at 4 votes.

My own choices would be the Theoben SLR98 in .177, (haven’t shot it), another Theoben Eliminator .20 or .22 (Sonnysan where are you in this list? LOL) and I like the feel of my current HW50s so far -and my P1. My thought is that with a mere few airguns, one could afford the best mods, optics mounts etc. and have very nice “tools” to cover the spectrum.

I really like and understand JiminPGH’s statement above completely. “I know this gun very well, and we dance nicely together”. It’s all about trigger time. You guys listed a truckload of the finest available. Maybe I’ll get one of each just to cover my bases….   😍  Oh, and Frank, I didn't mean to make you panic LOL

PCP rifles:

Benjamin Fortitude (2 votes)

Daystate Pulsar

HW110 (2 votes)

Steyr Hunting 5 Auto (2 votes)

Nova Freedom

RAW HM1000

Steyr LG110

FX impact mk ii

LG 100 FT

Sam Yang Dragon Claw .50

FX Indy

Air Arms S410 (2 votes)

Spring rifles:

Beeman R7/HW30 (3 votes)

FWB 124 (4votes)

Beeman R9

HW97 (2 votes)

Beeman R1 (2 votes)

Crow Magnum/Eliminator

Walther LGU

Air Arms TX200HC

RWS/Diana 34 (5 votes)

Haenel Model 3

HW77 (3 votes)

HW 55

Webley Mk 3 Supertarget


Webley Patriot, gas rammed


HW 35

Diana 48

Recoiless spring rifles:

Anschutz 380

FWB 300S (5 votes)

Pump rifle:

Benjamin 392

(Nova Freedom also)

Single stroke pneumatic rifle:

Daisy 753


PCP pistols:

Steyr LP50 HP

Aeron Spider ACZ

Morini CM 200EI

Air Arms Alfa Proj

Crosman 1701P

Crossman 1720T

Artemis PP700

Ataman AP16

Spring pistols:

Baikal IZH 53M

Beeman P1 (2votes)

Diana RWS LP8

Webley Tempest/Hurricane (2 votes)

Recoiless spring pistols:

FWB 65

Pump pistols:

Crossman 1377

Single stroke pneumatic pistols:

Beeman P17

Co2 pistols:

SIG Sauer P226

Walther CM88


Tim Ward
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2019-05-04 09:14:52  

My thinking would be what I can't replace easily. I can replace my 56th but it would be hard to find another B21 or B40. I can replace my Norica Black Eagle but not my Norica Massimo. I can replace my Beeman QB co2's but my Philippine made Rogunz Hawk 010 would be hard to replace.  

Without hope, without fear

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2019-05-04 09:53:26  

Just saw this post, some I'm a bit late...

I would think that if the "big one" has dropped, it would be the even of having to downsize and move, which is inevitable unless I just dropped dead.

My air rifles:

FWB-124 with JM DIY  Tyrolean myrtle stock -- a classic and a joy to cock and shoot

R1TK with .22 JM piranha barrel and full power kit -- great hunting air rifle

Hy-Score 810m recoiless -- awesome accuracy and a real joy to shoot

My air pistol, would probably be my Beeman P1 -- the shoulder stock makes it much easier to shoot, but it can be removed easily.

Ken H in OH -- Life is One Hole After Another...

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2019-08-15 07:22:55  




Could you tell me where to buy a Heliboard for a Pulsar . Can't find it on the www

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2019-08-15 13:29:58  

I'm late to this thread, and I'm not sure I can really answer the question because I only own 3 sensible (read $$$) machines:  2240, Diana Chaser (.22 cal), and Vigilante (.177 cal).  I guess I'd take those three in a scorched earth scenario!😀 

It's a household accounting issue.  I said I would give up steak and eat beans, but the ruling class has determined "no need" for additional armaments. 😀 Not even with tax return money! 😀

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