O-rings for AIR ARM...

O-rings for AIR ARMS S500  


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2019-07-18 09:59:59  

I need to know the size of the o-ring for the pressure gauge I want degas the rifle but want some on hand in case I damage the o-ring


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Here is some info I had saved but I do not remember the source. I have used this info on several occasions and it seems to be accurate.

Inside barrel/thimble 
.177 S400 BS008 (008)
.177 EV2, MPR, S500 4.5X1.5mm
.22 BS009 (009)
Barrel/shroud support (inside) 14X1.5mm
or BS112 (112)
Barrel shroud support (outside) 20X1.5mm
Gauge seal BS211 (0011)
Gauge block to air tube 6X1mm
Gauge block to mounting screw BS008 (008)
Air tube o-ring seals BS213
Male Fill Port (banjo) 12X2mm
Fill valve to air tube 12X1.5mm
Power adjust knob shaft 2.5X1.5mm

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