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Nova Freedom Multi-Pump Multi Shot Unboxing Video .177 & .22  


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2018-04-05 14:55:05  

Folks real quick to an unboxing video of the Nova Freedom. This is a multi-pump, multi-shot air rifle in .177 & .22 cal.  The velocity check  shows  it will shoot about 15 to 25 fpe.  50 to 60 pumps put you back to 3500 PSI starting from zero.  I think probably 30 to 40 from starting over again if that makes sense. 

I am excited about this because there is really nothing like it.  You have the sheridan 8 pump which is $189.00 8 pumps per a shot and the other extreme is the FX Indy which 1799.99.  The Nova Freedom is a nice middle ground at about 50 pumps for 12 to 15 shots at $400.

There is not much information on this rifle but it looks to be the real deal for the intended purpose.  I have included the video below of the actual un-boxing with some additional info.   



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2018-04-05 19:54:06  

I KNEW someone could do this for  a lot less than $1700 to $1800. Just hoped it would be made in America. Oh,and they sure put the manometer in a funny place... right up there where you can see it. 🙂 What's the trigger like?


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2018-04-05 22:16:49  

I have some questions.

1) What is your name?

2) Where is the Nova made?

3) Do they offer it with a wood stock?

4) I assume you sell them, so do you have them in stock? 

5) If so, at what price?

Many Thanks.

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2018-04-05 23:35:25  

oh all those question could be answered if you just google it

china------didn't see any wood---they sell them here and the price is listed

now wasn't that easy LOL


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2018-04-06 01:36:16  

I have a .22 and if you turn the hammer spring all the way up (about 3.5 turns) , it shoots 34.95gr JSB beast monsters at 43 fpe at 3200psi.  It shot 25.39 Jumbo Monsters at about 40fpe at 3200psi and they fit in the magazine.  The heavier pellets would fit if a .050 deep groove was cut on the inside of the clear cover of the magazine.  It is amazing.  Regards, Tom

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2018-04-06 01:43:28  

I forgot to mention, I did try a .217 swaged bullet and it loaded way too hard.  The lead would need to be opened up to make a steady diet of slugs.  Or break the handle.  Regards, Tom

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2018-04-06 16:42:04  

I may have missed it but does it have a shrouded barrel and how loud is it compared to say a Marauder?



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2018-04-08 19:56:23  

Designed in Taipa, Macau ... manufactured in China.

The Nova Vista HP-M1000 Multi Pump PCP Air Rifle.

Nova Vista Company Limited

Rua De Hong Chau N 76-82,
Edicio "Hoi Yee Fa Yuen",
Bloco 3, 6 Andar Q, Taipa, Macau
Contact Person: Mr. TAN Kee Keat
Mobile: +853 6612 8299 (Macau)
Mobile: +86 188 1687 6020 (China)


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2018-04-12 18:59:33  

Wow, this really intrigues me.  I like the idea of the multi pump rifles and really enjoy my Benjamin. IMHO this one looks a little homely but the price seems right.

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2018-04-12 20:17:59  

Does the rifle have a Foster connector to prefill?

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2018-04-12 22:07:54  

It has a fill probe. It pumps up so easy I've never used it.

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2018-04-13 12:08:48  

Looked interesting enough to try one out. I ordered a .22 last night and called the company today. They said they are in stock so hopefully I'll have it next week. Too many temptations out there. 😉  I do have a FX Indy in a .25 and it's 22cc air chamber gets maybe 3-4 shots. I try to pump it between shots to avoid a lot of catch up pumps.




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