My R3 is back to no...

My R3 is back to normal  


Dave CG-12
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2019-05-17 20:49:59  

Just like all of the older Matador`s, mine likes the JSB 18 grain pellets. A while back, I ran out of these and ordered a couple of thousand new ones. All of  sudden these new ones didn`t fit anymore. I had to literally shove one in, and realized that wasn't going to work at all. Today my new Air Arms 18 grainers arrived, and back to normal. Thanks Air Arms. 


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2019-05-19 07:57:07  

For humor, a while back i was shooting a PCP in 22 and a TX200 in 177.  I grabbed the wrong tin, and almost ripped the skin off my finger trying to swage a 22 in the loading port.  Cussing turned to laughter pretty quick once I realized my mistake.



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