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My latest purchases - Marauder +Bullpup Stock  


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2019-02-05 16:11:56  

Last summer I bought a Marauder Gen 1 Bullpup stock kit used at the Texas Airgun Show.  I then went looking for a .177 Gen 1 Marauder action.  I got it put together a long time back but I was fighting my Shoebox Compressor and never got it out and shot it.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those amazing winter evenings in Texas when it was 70 degrees with little wind.  I went out to the shop and went scope shopping.  I came up with a Bushnell Legend which I mounted on the gun.  I didn't have much sighting in to do.  At 35 yards I was about 3 inches to the left and an inch high.  It took just a few shots before I was on target.

This is my first Marauder and I am very pleased with the rifle and stock.  I think I need to adjust the trigger linkage a little.  I had to pull the trigger way back before I reached the light and crisp second stage.  I think I will also move the scope a little more forward. 

I just shot one 10 shot group when I got it sighted in.  I was using some junk pellets but got a 3/4" group at 35 yards. The shot to the lower right was not part of that group.  I think this will be a fun plinker when I get it all adjusted.

Oh, to top it off, I just made a deal to buy a compressor from Bruce Dodson at Airtex!

IMG 3590
IMG 35912

Frank in Fairfield
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2019-02-05 17:12:43  

Great looking.

Dave get some AA 10.34 4.52mm for your Marauder.

Stay safe and free..


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