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2018-03-24 07:47:30  

This is an "old" topic, and well covered by Rob in NC, but I can't find the YF info., so I would like replies from anyone who has had first hand experience with the M10 (especially Rob).

Plus and minus: power, accuracy, maintenance, and ease (or lack) of tuning. Particularly interested in .22 performance.

Thanks in advance.

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Rob in NC
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2018-03-24 08:05:15  

Morning, sir!

I think I can give you a hand there.. a bit to type out and Id like to find my old post to copy/paste.  I'm hoping that Steve will put a link to the archives up where we can find it. Was under the assumption that we wouldnt be losing anything with the transition.

In any case, I'll find it and c/p for posterity but in the mean time, if you have specific questions hit me up on email.  Robertsrc/at/charter/dot/net

In a nutshell...   

power... too much in stock form, needs to be tamed down.

accuracy... once power is squared up, accuracy is good.  As with any of the Chinese guns, the barrel can be iffy.  Should be enough floating around from conversions to pick one up though.

maintenance.... as you get leaks, you will want to replace with good o rings opposed to the crap ones with the gun... but it's easy

ease of tuning.... these are a piece of cake.  I have one currently in .25, 30, 35 that I've converted.  However, due to recent acquisitions of higher end 30's and 35's... I will be looking to unload my big bore conversions in the near future.


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