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Mind Blowing Custom Carved Wood Stocks Video  


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2018-10-15 03:39:36  

Hey Guys! My old ass laptop broke this week when I was almost done, (25+ hours editing), with a super off the hook FX Monsoon regulated Semi-Auto PCP rifle video…so that is now "the lost footage". Video to be recovered in hopefully the near future. 

So Semi-Auto Saturday didn't happen as scheduled…but I hope you enjoy this video:

See you next weekend with the Diana Chaser Rifle kit! 

Thanks for watching! -Nate 

P.S. I just ordered a Hydro Dip kit (carbon fiber print). I'm going to try a few of my grips and stocks and then offer to do a few forum member's air gun furniture for free...so if you have an old gun you want to dress up (any pattern)...I'll let you know when. 

Find me anytime at http://www.Air-Gun-Channel.com

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