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I have an older all metal Crosman Marksman bb/pellet pistol.  It shoots BB just fine, however when I load .177 pellets in the lower barrel they land about 5 ' from the end of the barrel.  Any simple way to get this thing to shoot pellets with more velocity? 

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Move the target closer.

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I don't think moving the target closer will help in this case

after doing a little looking these Marksman pistol would be a very low powered in the first place and there is a barrel seal that has more then likely gone bad

seeing that the pellets have a tighter fit then the BB's, it just doesn't have the power to get them going fast enough and very far

parts would be hard to find besides the few at JG

it doesn't look to be that bad to work on says the guy, me, that has never done one

but it is what it is or a try at making it more by trying to repair but that is your call

most of the pistol have little or no value except the MP model

hope this helps a little


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Thanks for the links.  I figured it was probably a seal problem.  I "inherited" this little air gun many years ago, and just recently decided to give it a try.  Probably be easiest to just stick with BB's. 


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Pellets need to be deep seated ( 5/8") in those guns.

The 1010 i own will shoot JSB 7.9 grain pellets very accurately at 5 meters.

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In reality, those pistols were supposed to shoot darts.

5 meters to the board, you start from 600 and take points out as you hit the board, there are doubles and triples, and you need to get to ZERO EXACTLY with a DOUBLE.

Marksman still sells the darts, they call them airgun "bolts", and a dartboard can be bought almost anyplace.

It is a game with MUCH strategy and not to be shot with more than 2 pints of bitter between chest and shoulders  😉

Have fun!







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Posted by: @willy1

Move the target closer.

Trying to add velocity to the pellet, not the target. Jeez.


We used to play with these when I was a kid (80s) until my Dad threw them all out into the swamp.

I'm pretty sure these are still sold in Walmrat, I almost bought one, but talked myself out of it.

There you have it, the world according to John.


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