Kral N-11  


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2018-02-09 17:39:40  

My Kral N-11 came today. First thoughts, Big gun! And this thing has some kick. Got it in .25 caliber. Been shooting Air Arms Diablo 25.4 gr with it and its shooting very good. Mounted a leapers 4x32 and im easily getting 1 inch groups at 30 yards and it's not even broke in yet, probably only have 100 rounds through it! The thumbhole black stock is nice I like it. The blueing is nice. I like the safety in front of the trigger. Now the bad, the trigger is horrible! Very very long one stage, and very gritty, I hope it smoothes out. But thats my thoughts so far, ill see how it goes after a few hundred more shots. Anyone else have this gun? Your thoughts?

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