JSB .20 “15.89” Hea...

JSB .20 “15.89” Heavies  


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2019-04-29 21:15:11  

Happened across these on PA site.

I would love to hear any reports/tests done with these along with results.

The Old Benji trashcan pellets re-imagined!


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2019-04-29 22:03:14  

I hadn't noticed them before. Did you happen to see if they come in different head sizes? That's always a plus because of different size bores.

Safe and Happy Shooting!

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2019-04-29 23:03:06  

Didn’t notice

With the ever dwindling choices in .20 cal, I’m just glad to see an addition 🤗

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2019-04-29 23:29:33  

Hopefully those will take the place of the perfect unparalleled 20 caliber Crosman Premies that are no more that have no equal.


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2019-04-30 17:37:17  

HAve a bit of a problem with the photo format for this site vs. others, but  I'll post anyway (as the words will transfer).


Haven't got to shoot the new JSB 5mm pellet (#2 below)...just kind of surprised there was a new 5mm pellet at all.

Just a comparative selection:

1. EunJin 22.4gr
2. JSB 15.9gr
3. Crosman 14.3gr CP's
4. Crosman 14.3gr Cylindrical
5. JSB 13.7gr
6. Predator 13gr
7. H&N Field Target Trophy 11.4gr

Of the above 7, only #2,#4, #5, #6,#7 are in production. The H&N Baracuda 13.6gr. is also in production....it just missed the class picture.

Going to have to find my scale....I'm wondering about the real world weight of the new JSB. Does have a very shallow hollow base but is actually a little shorter than the old 14.3gr.CP's.

Never tried all the 5mm....not for lack of trying....but there are WAY more 5mm pellets NOT MADE any more than are...which makes a new offering kind of unexpectedly nice.

Now we'll see if it can shoot in any (or most...or all) of the 5mm's still on hand (and I'll try to borrow the Sheridan my Nephew now has).

Figure to start left to right (the rifles pictured above)...considering my lack of springer practice, and certainly going to leave the springer for last.

Definitely the potential is there. If I hadn't screwed up the first group, would have been about as good as I've ever done with this rifle.

Quick test #2:

Tried just 10 shots (two 5-shot groups) with the 2nd rifle from the left (HAtsan/Webley Raider 5mm).

If this keeps up,we have a new winner. DID love the 14.3gr. CP's,but those are running out. This is AT LEAST as well as I'd hope for with it's previous "best pellet"

So score the new JSB 5mm "heavy" as being 2 for 2 so far.
The QB is more like a 13 foot pound rifle (lets say something like 15.9gr. @ 625fps) and it liked the new JSB's. The raider is more like a 24 foot pound rifle (15.9gr. @ 825fps) and it really seems to like them.

Tomorrow, will get the old Sumatra out and kind of adjust it down a bit,looking for something more like 32 foot pounds (which would be these 15.9's at something like 935fps).

As for the springer on the end...I'll have to practice a bit first (maybe Sunday?).


Summation of the 15.89gr. 5mm JSB (so far).
(from a previous post a pager back now):


Quick test of the three "dark side" 5mm rifles (one co2 and two PCP's).

First: I doubted the weight of the new JSB. Being shorter and not all that noticeably fatter than the old 14.3gr. CP's,though they'd be way lite.

There not....maybe a little lite...but not a whole lot lite. Average of 100 comes out to 15.8grains

The new JSB's passed 3 for 3...at least "AS GOOD" as their various pellets.

Shot from a co2 with an HW barrel at only 623fps /13.6 fpe, these 15.8's shot as wel las the previous "champ" (and gained a little energy over the 13.7gr.JSB's)

Shot from a Webley/Hatsan Raiderat 826fps / 23.9 fpe, they were a little better than the previous best pellet (and gained a little energy over the 14.3gr. CP's). No idea of the barrel maker, other than Hatsan does not make 5mm barrels so it likely was sub-contracted from someone that does (And LW is a likely choice).

Two rifles together:

Shot from an old 5mm Sumatra, they managed 985 fps and 34 foot pounds. This is actually significantly DOWN in energy from the normal use of 22.4gr. EunJins at 900fps/40.3 fpe. Massive air use favors the heavier weights.

OK...maybe 985 fps was slightly pushing it for velocity...but I wasn't going to readjust the EunJin tune just for a quick test.

POINT OF ALL THIS: if you have a 5mm PCP, going 3 out of 3,using 3 barrels, and velocity levels over a pretty wide range, it seems these new 5mm pellets are worth the $ to try.





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2019-04-30 22:45:03  

Great work Ribstone

So far the new JSB looks like a contender especially since the opposition is on a short list!

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2019-05-01 17:21:19  

I have laid off springers for too long....no real idea how well these new pellets shoot in a springer as I'm not shooting well enough to judge.


But I am impressed how well they did with gas-guns (co2 or PCP) where the " shoot'n is easy" (a little reference to "summer time blues").


Considering the limited number of CP's on hand, which limited the Raider's everyday use) and the limited number of EunJin heavy weights(which limited that old Sumatra's use), I'm ordering more of the new JSB's...just in case they have a "what the "hell" moment and decide their production time would be better spent on more popular calibers.


The slow co2 QB 5mm doesn't really care...it will shoot well enough with nearly anything 5mm/


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