Is there anyone who...

Is there anyone who works on Shoebox Compressors?  


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2018-08-27 20:10:57  

I have an F8 that is not pumping up.  I replaced the O-rings in the first stage.  I still have a leak somewhere but I cannot find it with soapy water.  The F8 has plenty of capacity for my needs and most things seem easy to fix but I cannot figure out my problem.  I am on the verge of spending a lot of money for a full fledge scuba compressor just so I can have something reliable.  It is frustrating not to be able to fix something that is probably simple.  I have corresponded with Doug a couple of times.

Does anyone repair these compressors?


David Enoch

David Enoch

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2018-08-27 21:25:43  

Yes David that is frustrating.

Have you contacted Tom or Carol via email to ask the question?  They are normally very responsive to answering questions, but there is no phone number to call.  There is also a forum that may have some hints to aid you, but your best bet is to email Tom and ask.

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2018-08-28 00:39:13  

Don't give up, David. I suspect it's only a bad oring on the second stage back-check valve. It's a 10 minute job to fix it if you have the oring. A bad back-check oring won't show up with a soap and water test. Just unscrew the discharge fitting on the second stage and twist it slightly out of your way. Pull out the back-check valve and simply replace the oring and put it back together. Viola!

Make sure you unplug that rascal before you start, especially if you're a guitar picker 🙂



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