Is rule #11 still i...

Is rule #11 still in effect...  


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2018-02-14 23:09:59  

 or did it also become allowable on the new forum?

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2018-02-16 17:07:00  

The RULES are posted at the top of this Forum.

RULE 11. LDC and moderator discussion can NOT be addressed on this forums, PERIOD. Such discussions on legality, how to, buy from etc is NOT welcome here.
Go to places that specialize in those discussions such as etc

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2018-04-22 20:24:21  

i will not question this but silencer talk deals with powder burners not airguns it is no help there.just letting people know. i do not question your rules even though i dont understand this one but rules are rules and i will abide by this forum s rules

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2018-04-23 11:51:21  

Silencer talk has an airgun subforum.....

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