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Interesting info on my new Kral Puncher Mega .25 330cc air reservoir  


Charlie in CT
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2018-10-19 12:56:27  

I've been out of the new PCP rifle business for some time now... I went full circle back to my springers and gas springers for the vast majority of my shooting on the home range long ago. I recently picked up a Kral Puncher Mega with the Turkish Walnut stock and the blued (or painted, not quite sure?) action/air reservoir. Having watched all the reviews about it, I was intrigued. I love the heft and solid workmanship of this rifle. It's accurate enough for my needs and I absolutely love getting 50 shots per fill with the big 330cc reservoir. I've set the power level on mine into the 25 FPE average energy range when shooting H&N Field Target Trophy 20 grain pellets over the 50 shot spread. The performance over this shot spread stays relatively flat for a non-regulated gun. The trigger out of the box was horrid. I shot a few hundred rounds through it before adjusting it per the manual. I've read from others that it can't be adjusted much better than the way it comes from the factory. I found this to be untrue... By adjusting the two allen screws in unison, I got exactly what I was looking for in trigger pull. A very smooth/light 1st stage that's very easy to distinguish from the 2nd stage and a nice, crisp 2nd stage let-off. I don't have a trigger scale, but I'd guess the 2nd stage is letting off at around 3 pounds. Not great, but far more doable than the way I received it. Then I noticed this:

Kral Puncher Mega reservoir

Having been awhile since purchasing a PCP, is this kind of expiration message a new thing with PCP reservoirs? Typically, when I buy a new air rifle be it PCP or springer, it's for life if I like the rifle. It's discerning that in ~10 years I'll no longer be able to use this rifle with the endorsement of the distributor without replacing the reservoir. I'm assuming here the expiration date is from the distributor and not the manufacturer? What happens if Kral has moved on to other models (likely) and I can't update the reservoir in 2028? Does the rifle become a wall hanger? 

Charlie in CT

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2018-10-26 14:27:44  

The date doesn't apply in USA.


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