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Increasing shot count on regulated Marauder  


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2018-02-18 13:33:10  

Can somebody give me a general idea how to increase the shot count on a regulated Marauder? I currently get 75 shots. I want to get more if possible with Crosman Premier 10.5 grain pellets at 875 fps average.

I do not want to touch the regulator. It is set at 1500 psi. I want to leave it alone.

What should I do with the hammer spring and the transfer port screw adjustments to increase the shot count?

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2018-02-18 16:03:02  

Hi Leo,

I'm assuming you are getting 75 shots on the reg at 875 FPS currently and would like to improve  efficiency of air consumption. You are right at 1 FPE / Cu inch.

You can try closing transfer port size(clockwise) and increase hammer throw (1/8 allen key counter clockwise) or increase / decrease spring pre-load (3/16 allen key clock wise increases)

You can also improve efficiency with after market hammer de-bounce kit, twin spring system guide or SSG. I've seen people reporting efficiency as high as 1.7 FPE / Cu inch with those devices. 


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