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2019-09-16 15:57:28  

I just ordered a HW75. I read a bunch of reviews and post on forums and became convinced that this was the one for me. I have an Alecto  but have never owned a single pump pneumatic. I have always read that one should always leave a little air pressure in the multi pumps during storage. I recently read not to leave the 75 charged for more than 5 minutes. 

Can any HW75 owners offer opinions or comments. 

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i wouldn't leave one charged but 5 minutes, who know

you open and load and close and make a small hole, it may be true or just absurd 

well just one SSP will never do so what is next ????  

i feed mine RWS R-10's 7 grain or Meisterkugeln in 7 grain 

in any case enjoy your new pistol

take care 



James Perotti
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  SSP's, use a relatively soft valve seal material, but I think the issue with leaving it charged is that SSP's have such a small volume of air, even a tiny loss of air would have a huge impact on velocity.

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I have always stored my multi-pumps with one pump. It is claimed to keep contaminants out of the valve. Makes some sense to me. Might be voodoo, might be good practice? I currently own only one, a Dragonfly. It takes a little half-cock technique to get a pump in without cocking the hammer, but it's doable. I have never figured out a way to put a pump into my Daisy 880 without leaving the hammer spring compressed, so it gets stored at ambient pressure. (It's a $25 gun so...)

My SSPs, which include a Daisy 753 and a P17 pistol, are stored at ambient pressure, so theoretically stuff can enter the valve, but I've never had a problem.

FWIW, I store all of my CO2 guns under pressure, but I'm religious about not over-tightening when installing a new cart. I usually back it off a hair until I hear a leak, then tighten JUST enough to seal. I also use a drop of ATF on each new cart.


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