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2019-08-14 15:13:06  

This might be a stretch but does anyone have a spare locking nut I think it's called, for the barrel tension bolt. I have a Beeman RX2 20cal that I need a part for.

See my groups became real erratic so I went through the list of trying to correct or find the culprit. 

1. Checked stock screw✅
2. Checked scope mount✅
3. Checked scope rings✅
4. Cleaned barrel✅

Then I checked lock up and I found the culprit. I can tighten/loosen the barrel lockup screw that's on the left side of the rifle but the locking screw or whatever it's called head has been sheared, I'm assuming by previous owner, and I cannot get any type of flathead screwdriver in their to lock the bolt down. 

I know that I can order one from here or there but I'm looking towards members first. So if any member has one in their spare parts bin please inbox me so we can talk.

Thank you

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