HW 100 repair.  


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2019-09-17 07:04:44  

Well I have a leaky seal somewhere on my HW100 FSB.  

Not in the tank itself as it holds air when unmounted.

I replaced the seal under the brass plug in the breech, but it still leaks.  

Will take another stab at it, but if I can't figure it out who does total reseals on this model in the Eastern US?

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Bob in WV
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2019-09-17 09:08:53  

I had mine resealed at Pyramyd Air.  They did a good job and it was very reasonable.

Bob in WV

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2019-09-17 09:57:04  

Really? I've shipped mine countless times and they have never got it right. Talk about getting burned!

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2019-09-17 15:53:17  

Have Earnest Rowe at FX Airguns USA fix it for you.  He guarantees his work, is fairly quick, and the company keeps you informed.

I was surprised at how little it cost to get my Hummingbird worked on.

David Enoch


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