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HPA compressor survey results - Part 2  


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2018-12-19 16:04:24  

Hi folks,

I have now received 200 responses from compressor owners!  

So let's look at the fun stuff!


Single most popular compressor model = Air Venturi with 22 reports
– runner up was Yong Heng 110v Non-auto shutoff with 19 reports


Most popular brand when models are combined = Yong Heng with 49 reports
– runner up was shoebox with 31 reports


Most hours reported on a compressor  = 1000 hours on an “early model Shoebox”
– runner up was shoebox max with 350 hours on the shoebox max


Highest average hours reported on a compressor = 250 hours on a SPA
– runner up was shoebox early model with 223 average hours


Overall 75% of owners reported no “breakdowns or failures” of their compressors


Highest breakdown or failure rate for any compressor (with more than one submission) was 87.5% with 7 out of 8 reports from Vevor owners
– runner up was a breakdown or failure rate of 75% with 3 out of 4 Omega Supercharger (red) owners reporting problems


Of the compressors with no reported breakdowns or failures, the AirTex 45 was the most common with 9 owners reporting no problems
– runner up was the Shoebox F10 with 8 owners reporting no problems



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2018-12-19 16:05:15  

Compressor list and hours -  https://ql.tc/MaIfkQ

Air Venturi -  https://ql.tc/mEaAh2
Air Venturi Nomads -  https://ql.tc/1Cr9VS
AireTex -  https://ql.tc/7CB3kO
Summary Altros -  https://ql.tc/SYftO7
Carette -  https://ql.tc/ETKRdG
Crosman/ Benjamin Traveler -  https://ql.tc/1p1awx
Summary Davv -  https://ql.tc/aejZz6
Daystate -  https://ql.tc/3MedSm
Hatsan -  https://ql.tc/AlbEqs
Kidde -  https://ql.tc/HioMYg
Omega -  https://ql.tc/ErRJKD
Rix -  https://ql.tc/eq485X
Shoebox -  https://ql.tc/CY0Q93  
SPA -  https://ql.tc/hH8A5T
Steward Warner -  https://ql.tc/aIWhdG
Tuxing -  https://ql.tc/PnXwMt
Unbranded (like Yong Heng) -  https://ql.tc/Q8Eq1V
Vevor -  https://ql.tc/BH8hnX
Yong Heng -  https://ql.tc/1V07h9
Zhong Yan -  https://ql.tc/IkY4U1


Oh, if you haven't submitted your HPA compressor experience, you can do it here!




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