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How to accurize cast round balls for big bores  


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I cast a lot of bullets to feed my .58 Pistol. One of my favorite rounds is the .570 round ball. The bummer is that darned sprue is so hard to line up so that it points straight backwards. Well, not anymore. I always wanted to put a point on the end of the probe, so I turned a 60 degree point on the end. I think I actually picked up a couple of FPS by doing that.

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To modify the ball you will need a drill press or a mill. Clamp or vise a piece of wood or solid plastic. Chuck up a large drill or chamfer tool and put a drill point into your material. The following photo also shows a .250 diameter piece of stainless with a 60 degree point turned on it.

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Now set your cast round ball into the drill  point with the sprue facing up. Line it up good and press the tool into the ball forming a small 60 degree point into the center of the sprue.

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Now your ball can easily be loaded into your gun without wondering if the sprue is going to mess up your shot. They always shoot as good as any swaged round ball that you pay for. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!  (just love saying that)  Also, if your round was always a little loose, it is easily enlarged by  pressing just a little harder and imprinting the point just a little more. It will enlarge the ball just a couple of thousands. Like in my case, my gun really likes .572 round balls. My mold throws exactly .570. Making the 60 degree point as shown in the photo enlarges the ball to .572. What a tack driver that pistol is. Hope this helps somebody out there. John



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Very ingenious!!! My Hat's off to you sir. Had a QB  converted to HPA in  .408 for awhile. That gun shot swagged rounds better than any other projectile. Nice way to use the cast balls with consistency.



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