How about HW100 or ...

How about HW100 or similar  


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2019-04-13 18:40:23  

I was thinking of selling a TX200 and SL400 to finance a HW100 SK. 

I shoot silhouette, so I wanted a rifle that is less than 9 pounds with a scope.  Targets range to 40 yards, so it needs to be precise over many shots.   I was doing some research and I saw the HW100 in 177 is probably too fast.  Stability was an issue at that speed in 177, so I was going to get a 22 that shoots a nominal 870fps.  Another issue is shot count.   I can only fill to 200 bar or so, so I was concerned about shot count. 

So my desire moderate weight, sporter style, regulated, good shot count between fills, and good magazine if possible. Any other options that won't destroy the bank? 

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2019-04-13 19:24:39  

I have a few HW100s in 177 and 22. You can back the power down if you want. They are extremely accurate guns (HW barrels).

Shot count is not so much just so you are aware. Regulated? they don't have regulators like we all think but have a very good self regulating set up from Weihrauch which is "their" version of a regulator.

My 22 HW100s- one gets 30 and one gets 34 while another gets 40 consistent shots per fill which is the lowest power I got set in 22 at about 24fpe for accuracy using a specific light weight 14.3gr. pellet.  Magazines work perfectly and do not affect accuracy. Have the single shot swing out adaptor and it didn't seem to matter with accuracy.

I have a full Huggett shroud on one of them and it is ridiculously quiet. One has a custom FT stock on it too. One of them is crazy for Crosman Premier Hollow Points from Walmart nickel sized groups at 50 yards at 24fpe. 14 shot groups using the magazine.

My 177s- one is set up for 12fpe and gets about 70 shots and the other is 18fpe and around 30 shots and my Beeman imported HW100 at 16fpe around 40 shots. Magazines work perfectly for these too and have single shot swing out adapters too and seems to have no difference in accuracy.

They are very accurate guns for target shooting and another to consider would be the HW110, I have a 22 version and have a 177 on its way so I can't comment on that one yet but the FAC versions don't get a whole lot of shots either but are expected to have a little more shots than the HW100s. My HW110 in 22 FAC gets around 40 but the power is low and I haven't tried to adjust anything since it shot perfect.

I have an FX Streamline in 22 that gets around 50 shots and is one of the most accurate and fortuneately haven't experienced any regulator problems (knock knock on wood). I won't endorse the Streamline because I only own one of these guns. Just this ONE in 22 caliber. I think I got lucky.

Since you mention you have a tight budget, I would suggest try shooting an UNREGULATED Brocock Bantam Hi Lite in 22, you should get around 60 consistent unregulated shots within a 15fps spread once you find the sweet spot typically at around 2700-2750-2800psi.

Only criticism is the magazines are hit or miss and you may need to mod the magazines if you want to shoot through them exclusively. Triggers are nice sporter type not true match grade but they are OK and if you can get to shoot one for yourself you will know whether or not it is for you but I will tell you that they are very accurate single loaded. My "Frankenstein" custom UNREGULATED Brocock Bantam Compatto Hi Lite (with CF bottle) did a 60 shot group at 60 yards that is the size of a quarter. I am sure others can chime in and endorse the Brocock Bantam Hi Lite in 22 as well.

Good luck.




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