Hooked again- Beema...

Hooked again- Beeman QB II  


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2019-09-01 14:08:11  

After being away from the hobby for awhile, my interest in airguns was rekindled by a new QB78 family offering from Beeman. Some simple mods and this cheap rifle has me going again...


Im already getting reacquainted with my other airguns that have been patiently waiting for my attention! 

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2019-09-02 21:06:33  

I like mine...just open-armed what was there....low power but a surprizing number of shots....have no plans of up-tuning or any other mods.

It's ugly. The short fat LDC is also ugly.

Basically,it's always going to be ugly....so rather than try to make it un-ugly, I just went with "fuctional".

Turns out,kind of to my surprize, I rather like this ugly duck. I predict some sweaty, muddy,rainy,and likely rust promoting sessions in the days where I won't take out a "pretty"one.


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2019-09-03 01:44:58  

I bought a couple of .22 QB 78s from Mike (I think even before it was Flying Dragon) and was very impressed with power and accuracy. Mike "hot rodded" them and I left one like it was and put a bulk adapter to use the ?? 80 Gram ?? cartridge. Both of these guns chrony 750+ FPS using 14.3 grain Pellets. Only bad thing I don't have anything on either of them to quieten them and they are LOUD. Fun, accurate, and cheap guns!!!!!

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2019-09-03 16:43:08  


Can cure the noise.

Don't have a QB,even the low-slow ones, without a detachable barrel attacment (often called a n LDC...lead dust collector).Put it on for quiet shooting at home, take it off if it bothers you to be quieter out in the boon docks.

Are two barrel diameters on QB's. The old standard QB78 (with the smaller sized stock) and the Beemna Chief PCP both use 14mm barrels.

Pretty much everything else QBish (Qb78 D (delux...bigger heavier stock),AR 2078, AR2079, QB 79, and the new QB II (Beeman 1085) use the 15mm barrel diameter.



As for power,,,co2 is quite proportional...the faster you go, the more gas you use, and the fewer shots.  Not opposed to more speed/energy,  I just use it when it's needed, not all the time.


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