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Hi guys. I have been a lurker on the old 54 forum for ages. I always found loads of useful information that wasn't always so readily available on the UK forums, so I thought it was time to share some photos with you.

This particular brace of Falcons is fairly new to me, though I have owned several in the past:

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Top: Falcon FN19 barrel in .25 calibre, with a custom 11" cylinder, chopped down FN12 stock, and a custom silencer, and a Hawke Vantage 4-12x50 scope.

Bottom: Falcon FN8 in .177 calibre, with Theoben Long Series Silencer and MTC Connect 3-12x24 scope.

Since that photo was taken, I have modified the pistol, and replaced the FN8 barrel with one from an FN12:

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Finally, and the (current) tool against which all others are judged, is my Daystate Wolverine 2c in .177 calibre:

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Welcome to the forum.  I hope you will be more than a lurker here.  Post and talk about your airguns and what you like to do with them.  Your Falcons and Daystate look nice.  Those are top of the line.

David Enoch




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