Hammerli 850 Mag / ...

Hammerli 850 Mag / ASG Tac 45 / Cros 1077 / Mrod Varmint (Quick Look) + Elvira  


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2018-06-14 14:01:12  

Hey Guys! This video shows a few low cost Co2, PCP, and Spring air guns I just bought to try out. If your into $100-$300 air rifles check out this video. I also spend 3-4 minutes on affordable air gun targets available NOW! These targets include Air Veturi Shoot Em Down Silhouette Competition Targets. Guns in this video include Hammerli 850 Magnum, ASG Tac 45, Crosman 1077, Mrod Varmint,  Sig P320 and MPX, and Gamo Swarm 10 shot spring rifle….with Elvira
Click here for Affordable Air Guns Video w/ Elvira

Find me anytime at http://www.Air-Gun-Channel.com

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Hammer Meli? It's Hammerli! And you're having conversations with a cardboard cutout Elvira??


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