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What is your preferred method for storing rifles with the idea of rust prevention, long term storage. I have several “high polish” blues rifles and I’m searching for a storage solution, outside of having them out and all over, that is rust proof. I currently just wipe down my rifles regularly just to keep them all “mint”. Any c reactive solutions out there?



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I would say a good quality soft case would be fine, if you wipe down the rifle, pistol, with something like Break Free and store in the case indoors the rust should not appear

but if you open the case wipe the gun down again, it take 2 minutes

I have a rule, look at it, or touch a gun, it gets wipe down and every time the case will take some of the wipe down material on the cases interior surface to help

store them laying down

now Plano cases made some fine soft case but they seemed to have stopped the 300 and 400 series were, are, great

now for myself I have been using Plano DXL hard cases for almost 40 years, some people say the foam absorbs moisture but I have never seen it and Plano has stopped make the DLX cases also

and that to bad great case, I guess I have enough

you will get many different opinions


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Store them in a safe with desiccant or use goldenrods. 

Don't put oil on them and stick them in a case, the oils can break down the foam, soft cases absorb moisture. 

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The biggest kicker living in the south is the humidity and the constantly fluctuating temps. I’ve used Plano hard cases and some soft cases. I also follow the believe if the rifle is handled it gets wiped down.

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You have a few options:


Long term:  Get a safe.  Best time to buy is during the holidays.  This safe is in the $900-1000 range during that time:

Or peruse the local craigslist.  I bought my wide body safe in the 90's this way (It was newspaper ads back then).

Or buy gun cases.  I bought the most affordable (due to volume), and used no rust bags:

2019 06 01 11 24 52 Window

For scoped guns I purchased the ones in the rectangle.

My bags are 15 years old.  They are rated for five.  No rust so far at all.  Have a lot of expensive guns in them too (JWs, Theobens, etc).

Get a silicone cloth, MP-5 oil, and Ballistol.  Has worked for me for at least 30 years.

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Yes, the key is humidity, well actually relative humidity (RH). The important takeaway there is the term relative. Relative to temperature.

If you seal a fixed volume of air into an air-tight container (like a hard-case with a gasket) with a fixed mass of moisture, the relative humidity will vary inverse to temperature. In other words as temp goes up, RH goes down. The reason is at the higher temperature the air could hold more moisture (like sugar when making sweet tea) but that moisture isn't available due to the sealed container. When temp goes down, RH goes up.

According to conventional wisdom I do everything wrong. I put blued steel guns in a sealed hard case with open cell foam padding protected with nothing more than Breakfree CLP. Yet I have never had a single gram of rust form on any of my guns stored this way.

My secret is science. When my guns come home from an outing they go straight to the basement. They get set on the floor and the cases flung open. There they sit and wait to be cleaned. My basement is dehumidified to 50% RH year round. It's lower in the winter but the dehumidifier doesn't even run then, it's purely climate. The cases, foam, guns and all accessories cool down and dry out by the time I clean them. They get wiped down with oil (just a light coat) and get sealed and locked into the case. Now I have a volume of air in the case at 50% RH which is plenty low to prevent corrosion. Then they get stored upstairs where it is warmer and the RH in the case drops even lower. Winter, summer, spring or fall, it doesn't matter. It's always cooler in my basement than the rest of the house. With the exception of the dead of winter it's always drier down there as well. In the dead of winter RH is the same everywhere or approx. 30%.

There you have the secret to my success. Hope it helps.

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"Get a silicone cloth, MP-5 oil, and Ballistol.  Has worked for me for at least 30 years."


Listen to Sonny....he is very wise.  

I store some in my display case and those get the MP5 and silicone clothe treatment after use.  I also use an egg foam pad on the bottom of the case to avoid "mushrooming" the rubber butt pad. 

The rest go in cases. If it's a hard case, I first slip them in a silicone treated sock.  I hang the soft cases in my Cedar  lined storage closet.  Of course the room they're in is alarmed and insured.  The Cedar helps absorb moisture.  

Hope this helps!

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