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Good News: Minimum Parallax of Discovery Scope HD 34mm 3-18x50 FFP  


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Minimum Parallax of Discovery Scope HD 34mm 3-18x50 FFP


For the price tag of this scope (between $200 and $300) it has some awesome specs, and gets raving reviews.

You might have been wishing this scope had a minimum parallax of 10 yards, not 15y like the manufacturer’s webpage and every webpage of the sellers is saying.


Here’s the good news: The parallax can be adjusted much lower than just 15 yards, most likely 10yards or even less.

How I found out? Watching the video linked below,* at around 7:40min.
The last number printed on the parallax turret is 15y, but the turret turns for another quarter turn before coming to it’s stop. Cf. the pic.


Sellers of Discovery Scopes


Source for the Minimum Parallax
Video, at around 7:40min:

Scopes. Discovery. HD 34mm 3 18x50 SFIR FFP. Parallax Min Is 10y. #03. [LoRes

Manufacturer’s Page
Item No.: 170108


Some Reviews

Discovery HD 3 IR riflescope review


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Good to know thanks!



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