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GAMO P900 IGT $60-$70.00 177 economy target pistol quick review- IT IS GOOD!  


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I wasn't much of a diehard "GAMO" fan until purchasing this  177 GAMO P900 IGT (Inert Gas Technology) break barrel "springer" pistol and had shot it for a bit to break in prior to this quick review.  Reason why I bought it is that GAMO claims 0.20" center to center at 10 yards with open sights which is totally remarkable for a sub $70.00 "springer breakbarrel type" pistol with a gas ram that can be left cocked for hours without any spring to take a set or wear out. It is mostly made out of plastic and is extremely light weight, I would say around a pound in weight. The best bang for the buck pistol that I own is a Beeman P17 in the $25-$35.00 range (actually have a few of them) but I can't shoot any of them all day long as I can do with this GAMO P900 IGT. I did not bag rest this pistol, I shot it like a pistol should be shot and was consistently hitting 1 inch bottle cap size targets consistently at 15 yards open sights with this pistol. It has a front red fibre optic type dot and a pretty terrible (but adjustable) yellow plastic rear sight that works.

It has the crappiest looking rear sight set up I have ever seen on any airgun period! but at least it works.

Had to crank the windage over in order to properly zero it and it is fine.

The factory states 30lb cocking effort. I think mine is way less because it is really easy to cock and shoot this pistol all day long and my guess is that mine is probably 10-15 pounds to cock. I think a youngster can shoot it all day long without any fatigue too.

The trigger is non adjustable and is plastic as well and after a tin of pellets it is acceptable to me at around 2 pounds or maybe just under. I think it will get even better with more shooting.

I like that it doesn't have a safety that resets every time you cock it. You can just cock, load then shoot as quick as you like without having to depress the safety after each loading sequence prior to firing.

My first thought was it feels like a toy at around one pound and mostly plastic like the pistols you find at Walmart for under $20.00. I really like how light it is. Time will tell if it holds up being mostly plastic. It is really fun for me to shoot all day long with no fatigue cocking it. It is pretty quiet to shoot too.

Hadn't chronied it yet but it seems to hit whatever I aim at. I shoot it almost daily now. Factory claims 400-500fps with light or PBA lead free ammo. My best guess is between 350fps to just under 400fps shooting 7.9gr Crosman Premier Super Point pellets.

I no longer shoot any of my P17s. They are tiring to cock and shoot all day long and is a lot louder to shoot than this GAMO. Accuracy are about the same. Reasonably accurate 30-40 yard open sight plinker that is able hit whatever you aim at if you do your part.

Took it out to 50 yards and with enough hold over and practice, it can hit a soda pop can most of the time if there is no wind. Keeping things at a maximum range between 30 and 40 yards makes it a fun target pistol. It is boringly accurate out to 25 yards off hand with the open sights. It is the easiest self contained "NON-PCP" pistol for me to shoot accurately that is not my FWB65 nor my Beeman 800 (Diana Model 6).

It shoots the worst pellets Crosman ever manufactured, the OVERSIZED 7.9gr Crosman Premier Super Point pellets pretty darn good and can hit a bottle cap off hand at 15 yards consistently with them. Decided to try them because the breech seemed a little on the larger than average size. Haven't tried any of the typical accurate 177 pellets such as the JSB 8.44s or anything from H&N since it shot those Crosman reject pellets that well. I will try better pellets after I use up all of my oversized Crosman Premier Super Point 7.9gr throw away pellets that my other guns can't shoot worth of beans.

Is it worth it? For up to $70 retail, I would say so and I already had more than $70 worth of fun shooting this GAMO pistol. I didn't need to get over the plastic because I like how light weight this thing really is.

Photos of the GAMO P900 IGT with one of the targets plinked at 15 yards that was still intact. Notice how centered the hits are.


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Thank you very much for the review and photos.

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You are Very Welcomed!

I forgot to add that it does not appear to have the ability to mount a scope or red dot

 nor would I feel too comfortable to do so since it would be mounted onto plastic.




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