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FX Crown rings and Magazine use  


Billy Dick
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2018-03-15 18:39:02  

Just got my FX Crown, mounted my Sightron SIII using high rings and heck the magazine won't go in.  The fat part of the scope with the turrets is right over the loading area to fit into my eye box.  Finally had to use a riser and now the scope height is over 2.3 inches and tried to zero at 50 yards and ran out of vertical scope adjustment.  Then installed a set of Sportsmatch adjustable rings with the risers and got it zeroed at 50.  Called the dealer and asked about a smaller/lower magazine or a single shot loader and he said he would check.  

Anybody know of a single shot loader or  smaller magazine that is available?   I tried single loading but not enough  room for my manly fingers  as opposed to my RAWS which have plenty of room.

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2018-03-16 18:35:48  

I believe all of the older FX magazines from the Royale, etc will fit and function fine in the gun. That's what I recall hearing somewhere anyway. Hope it helps!


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