First .25 Uragan sh...

First .25 Uragan shoots possibly a perfect 40 yard group.  


Charlie Frear
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2019-07-08 22:04:49  

I just received my first shipment of the new Airgun Technology Uragan. This new offering with the large air capacity bottle, higher power, amidship cocking and the overall quality of the brand, has certainly reserved my interest.

The first gun I tested was the .25 because it was presold to a customer. After taking a look around on the gun and cleaning the barrel, it was time to put it on paper.

That is five shots at 40 yards with the Edgun pellets which are a JSB product.

Here is a closer look, I am not sure if that is a near perfect group or there is some additional tearing as more pellets hit.

The shot count and overall performance of this new PCP is rather impressive. You can see the shot count at 90 before going off the reg and with excellent accuracy.

I shot those groups with a Donny FL Sumo, it seems most guns that I put a Sumo on shoot slightly smaller groups.

I look forward to testing the .22 and .30 long as well, I will keep everyone posted.


Charlie Frear, Georgia Airguns


Georgia Airguns
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Citizen K and pluric thanked
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2019-07-09 15:00:21  

Awesome! Love the looks of those. Would like to know how adjustable the power is on  those, i.e. how low and how high can you go.


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