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2019-09-12 09:55:17  

Looking for some experienced users advise, I'm looking at FFP scopes and wondered which ones you guys like and find to work , i am looking at the Athlon and Primary right now, are there others that work well for pesting? Thanks for any info.

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Hector J Medina G
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2019-09-12 10:00:57  

Depending on your budget, you can try the Discovery Optics 4-16X50  ($150) , or the Vortex Diamondback Tactical ($300) 6-24X50.

There are other MUCH more expensive FFP scopes, but for pesting these two will do nicely.






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2019-09-13 22:46:20  

I have a Leupold Mark 4, 8.5-25X50mm ERT scope and a Burris 5-25X50mm XTR II scope. Both are FFP, Mil/Mil, with TMR/Mil-dot type reticles. I love them both. I swear by this formula for long range shooting.


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