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Diana Chaser Question  


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2019-08-19 16:44:30  

For any Diana Chaser owners, I have a question. 

The barrel support ring for the rifle configuration has the rear piece of iron sights on it.  Can that rear sight be removed from the support ring?  Mine seems to be glued on or something, as it won't budge.  At least, it won't budge with what I feel is reasonable force, i.e., I could get it off, but I might break something. 

Thing is, it looks like a piece of 11mm dovetail under it that could be used in some way, like having a scope straddle the single shot tray.  No plans yet, but since I have a dot sight, I don't need that open sight and I'd like to send it to the spare parts bin.

Thanks in advance for any insights you can offer.

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2019-08-19 21:00:46  

That glue or something could be a screw you need to removed. When I looked at mine it's got a threaded hole on top...see parts list >>

Diana Chaser

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2019-08-20 01:53:20  

I built a Weaver-Picatinny  bridge on my Chasers using the barrel centering  screw hole  and a Stormrider band and a 13 slot M-loc handguard piece and then adding a 5 slot to the bottom of the band

a Chaser band would be better and I would have bought some but there are no parts been asking for almost 9 months

there was some mods made for the 13 slot because the Stormrider band is 2mm taller then the Chase band

but it can be done and as a pistol setup it is not in your line of sight 


message me here with your email address and I will take a picture and send it to you



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2019-08-20 15:57:10  

May be an obvious question, but did you take the elevation screw ALL the way out?  It threads into the barrel band.  Once removed, the sight just slides off, and yes, you have a perfectly usable 11mm dovetail in line with the breech dovetails.  At least, that's the way my Chaser and Plinkster are.

The single-screw Chaser barrel band lines up with the Chaser breech dovetails.  As Mike said, the dovetails on the two-screw Stormrider barrel band are a little higher than the breech dovetails of the Chaser.

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2019-08-21 09:49:02  

Thanks for all the replies people!  Looks like I'll try the minor surgery tonight based upon the responses.  I have been playing with swapping the two barrels and recording the dot sight adjustments needed for the swaps.  So I have been loathe to muck with the system during those configurations.  With the rifle and carbine configurations ironed out really nicely, I think I'm ready for more mucking about with the barrel band.

Thanks again my good airgunners! 😀 

UPDATE :: Success!  There was no glue nor a hidden set screw.  It took good 'ole brute force as it was friction fit.  I took a wide blade screw drive and rubber mallet - a few strikes and off it came!

Thanks again for everyone's input!


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