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Daisy Targeteer 118 Instruction Sheet ?  


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I have an old Daisy Targeteer 118 pistol that I inherited from my uncle many years ago, but never really spent any time with it... so I decided to take it out of storage to check it out.

Looked online to see if I could find a decent readable instruction sheet, but was unable to find one.

I do have some #6 lead shot from a 20-gauge shotgun shell to try out.

I realize that it is pretty simple to operate, but would still like to see the actual instructions.

So does anyone have a scan of the instructions to share ?

Thank you !

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daisy targeteer directions


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Hey thank you so much !

I recently purchased a Targette shooting gallery to display my Targeteer 118, even though it is the blued version, not the chrome version that I think came with the Targette package... and should be getting a couple containers of the original .118 steel shot.

I have been shooting the Targeteer with #6 lead shot... made a couple of targets using cardboard boxes-- one to hold a paper target, and the other two hold a spinner target that I made from a couple of metal bottle caps... definitely have to shoot pretty close, like 8 feet at the furthest distance.

I'll post some photos when I get everything all together.

Ken H in OH -- Life is One Hole After Another...

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