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Crosman 2300 Variations - Pricing Sanity Check  


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2019-08-26 09:57:23  

Hiya guys!

I'm investigating purchase of a Crosman 2300.  I've seen wide variation in pricing.

PyramydAir 2300T = $199, .177 10.1" Crosman barrel, short steel breech

Amazon 2300T = $173, .177 10.1" Crosman barrel, short steel breech

Crosman Custom Shop 2300 (CK ? - not sure of model letter) = ~$130, .177 10.1" Lothar Walther barrel, long steel breech, engraved "name"

I'm having trouble believing that the Crosman Custom shop can sell a better version for a lot less.  We are talking a difference of between $43 - $70. 

I need a pricing sanity check please. 😀

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2019-08-26 11:22:21  

I have the Crosman custom shop version and it shoots great...bought it a few years ago....2014.

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2019-08-26 14:22:29  

but you didn't get a rear sight and the one on the 2300t is no long listed but at PA it's 48 bucks, maybe cheap elsewhere

so you are right, a  Crosman custom shop build will be cheaper

and I have seen the 2300t offered for as little as $ 135.00, it pays to shop around and know your prices, just part of the game



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