CO2 bliss  


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2019-02-11 17:13:41  


300 carts for around $105 shipped.  I feel like a rich man!  I may never have to buy carts again, but if I do, I'll buy them from Red Rock Distributing.

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2019-02-12 00:39:24  

now all you need is 15000 pellets and at that you will be a little less rich but very ready


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Just FYI, occasionally the Crosman 40 packs will go on sale on Amazon or Walmart for $12.  Works out to about the same price per cartridge without the larger commitment.

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2019-02-13 17:31:47  

Been doing the large bulk packs from here and there.  Always been satisfactory,but never know what brand is going to show up.  It's going to be whatever brand the dealer can find the best price on in bulk, which isn't  a problem (other than brand name)...might be some paintbnall company logo, might be Crosman, might be Swissair...doesn't make a difference to me as non of my 12gr. are particularly picky.


Some of the cartridges will be visualy/dimenttionly indetical...they likely were made in the same factory, just "surplus" with one or an other  another printed on the sides.  Others might be a little dimensionally different (mostly in the neck area of the 12gr....and almost always a longer neck than "Crosman" which has never caused a problem.



We are buying the co2 inside the cartridge...that's what we actually NO MATTER whose brand is emblazoned on the sides of the 12gr.,it's the co2 that we actually use (the empty 12gr. gewts tossed in the recycle can).  So it's the cost per 12gr of gas....if you can get 12gr. for $.33-.40 each in bulk, that beats the crap out of $.50 - 75 per 12gr.




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