Christmas in June

Christmas in June  


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2019-06-03 03:08:53  

Had to continue cleaning out garage, and stumbled on another box that seemed to be from April '08 (shipping label was heavily faded).  Honestly, I never opened or remember the transaction.  To my amazement, the contents included two vintage R-1 stocks in great condition, and an unused Mike Abernathy SLR-98 thumbhole Theoben stock.  Wiped all down with Ballistol, and will need to find an SLR with bland walnut stock to replace.  In another crate, found a couple Beeman stickers.  Not a bad day:

IMG 20190602 135755
IMG 20190602 135714
IMG 20190602 135619
IMG 20190602 135607
IMG 20190602 135549
IMG 20190602 135537
IMG 20190602 135509
IMG 20190602 135458

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2019-06-03 16:51:08  

If you would like any help cleaning out your garage, I can make myself available.


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2019-06-04 20:03:04  

I have an slr with a blandish walnut stock of your like to rehome that one with the whole in the middle😀


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