Butler Creek scope cap – choosing the size  


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August 9, 2018 00:12  

The objective diameter of my scope is 57.0 mm,  should I use Flip-Open 56.4 (#39 ) or 57.2 mm ( #40 )?

Same scenario for the eyepiece which is 43.1 mm, should I use Flip-Open 42.5 ( #17) or 43.2 mm (#18 )?

BC has a type of cover called "Multiflex" . Each size is able to fit a range of scope diameters through some special design.  I have not used this kind of cover before. Just wondering if anyone can share some experience ?

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August 11, 2018 00:36  

so BC says if your scope fall between 2 sizes pick the smaller size

look at number 3 on page three


but the flexible ones would solve that problem also, it's been awhile since I have bought any





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