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Best scoped rifle to replace Crosman 1400?  

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2019-05-11 11:18:30  

Crosman 1400 has served me well @45yrs to control the Red Squirrel Menace, but aging eyes now require a scope.

Apparently the 1400 needs a 1/2” tube scope (4X20 or 4X32) -and after looking into availability/etc a new scoped rifle seems to be best option.


  • Good Quality (gun and scope)
  • Good accuracy and power for effective red squirrel population control
  • High Reliability / Long Life
  • Minimize maintenance / tweaking req'd.
  • Reasonable repair cost and replacement parts available if needed.

In summary:  need "grab and go" reliable replacement for the 1400 for when Enemy spotted.  Goal:  Fast 1-shot drop then put away till next victim.

Range considering:  Diana RWS 34 to Benjamin Marauder.  Will pay to get good quality, but don't want to pay a lot more than I need to.  There's an annual competition just down the road, therefore potential I'd test my skill at some point with the new gun (if this factors into any recommendations).

So many choices -any recommendations appreciated! 




Hector J Medina G
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2019-05-20 16:28:15  

The brand was "Pan-Tech" and the models were the Jr. in 4X and 6X

The old 4X was ½", the 6x was 5/8", Pan Tech was a Pre-WWII  company out of Encinitas, CA. They were intended for 0.22" LR RF.

Some Mossbergs came out so equipped.

Here is mine:

The amazing thing is that it IS parallax adjustable, AND the reticle also has a focusing mechanism. Small but complete.

There was another experiment with very small scopes by Burris, the Mikro, for pistols, those were also 5/8"

And, while not very well known to airgunners, though it is a pity because it is, literally, a great little scope, the Wolf-Pup makes an excellent PCP hunting scope, it is in current production, fixed parallax to 50 yards and 3/4" tube:

There ARE good alternatives to scoping old/vintage/very light guns, but we airgunners tend to overlook them.

Anyway, I am glad squirrelshooting decided to resurrect his old Crosman.

Let's hope he will post some pictures once it is all done.

Keep well and shoot straight!







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2019-05-25 15:48:51  

I have the Sears  equivalent of the Crosman 1400 and it came with dovetails cut into the breech for scope mounting rings.  I have seen this done after the fact.  Timmy at MAC1  had a machinist that did an excellent job of machining in these cuts. You may want to contact Tim and make an inquiry as to the present availability of this work.   It would give your trusty 1400 a new lease on life in your hands.  Scoped, I'll never part with mine.

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2019-05-25 17:48:55  

I have a JC Higgins version of the 1400 also. It had 12 pellets through it when I got it despite being 40+ years old.

I machined a new pump cup and resealed it and use a slug scope on it - love it.


As for your original request, the 34 is a sweet shooter. I have a T06 model and while not as easy to shoot initially as the 1400, it is very accurate with a little practice. Hard to go wrong with tbe RWS.

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2019-08-13 06:32:58  

Here's the final product with Centerpoint 4X.

Look forward to many more years with Old Reliable-

Thanks to all who posted to provide insight/perspective on Q's!


20190812 Crosman 1400 compressed

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2019-08-13 18:51:44  

My $.02    I have owned both Hatsan Flash and Aspen, in .22. Both were dead accurate at 50yards. Once Aspen was pumped to about 3000 psi, it only required 3-4 pumps for next shot at same level of power and velocity. Held air while standing in corner for over a month. Absolutely excellent for grab and go.   Hatsan flash was the most accurate gun I ever shot (never had a Thomas LOL), but had many others of higher price and higher quality. Used a $45 high pressure hand pump (ebay) that made life very easy due to the small air capacity chamber of the Flash. This gun is IMHO seldom recommended just like this thread. The 34 is an excellent choice, but for $300 and a decent scope, I would choose the Flash for accuracy and power (38 fpe !). Hatsan now offers the Flash in wood to overcome the somewhat ugly duckling look of the plastic model. Based on your grab and go to get business over with, both guns would be good choices at very affordable prices. Good luck. 😀 

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