Beretta 92 Full Aut...

Beretta 92 Full Auto.  


Steve in CT
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2018-02-09 14:16:51  

I just received this from Pyramyd Air and I had a lot of fun with a beer can.It really feels like a real Beretta Pistol. Even the magazine looks real, it’s the housing for the co2 cartridge. Loading is real easy when you get the hang of it and when you fire the last shot the slide stays open like a real semiauto. I put a can out to 30 feet and in full auto it was dancing all over the place. Semi auto, has a double action feel on the trigger pull. First pull hard, each subsequent squeeze just like a glock. Of course you can cock it manually on the first shot too. Lots of fun in the basement when is 16F out there lol,

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2018-02-09 14:31:25  

So Steve are you saying the gun is really rock and rolling just like this forum. Great job Steve on the change over, thank you so much for all the effort that you have and continue to put in to the sharing and promoting of air gunning. Really liking the new format of the new greatest air gun forum on the web.

Let me be the first to nominate Steve as AirGunner of the Year for 2018.



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2018-02-09 18:05:19  

Very fun gun. Love the dual side safety and decock. Very realistic and brings a smile to my face when playing with the full auto.  Enjoy!

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2018-02-09 22:49:08  

Nice. I'm waiting for the new Glock air pistol coming out. Curious to see how the BB loading mechanism works and if that kills the trigger action like other semi-autos I've played with. I'd also like to know if it's going to able to shoot pellets as well. 



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