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Benjamin FORTITUDE Review #2 (Accuracy Testing @ 50 Yards)  


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2018-09-25 18:37:42  

Here is part 2 of my Benjamin Fortitude.22 review. This gun has been disappointing as far as accuracy. The 50 yard results were about the same as the 35 yard results. I guess that means better huh? I'm trying to run about 500 pellets through it to see if the "Regulator" improves and try some different ammo. This video covers shots 50-200. Get through this video without laughing and win a free target! (used).

Click here for Benjamin FORTITUDE 50 Yard Accuracy Testing Video 


Thanks for Watching! -Nate 

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2018-09-25 19:23:39  

This clears things up following the other post of yours.

I can't fully comment until I see your 35 yard video shooting

the same ammo that the other gentleman used at 50 yards.

The cheap Crosman CPHPs???  You ARE going to be getting

better results with the H&N FTTs guessing the larger head

size but would recommend buying all of them to try.

Pellets worth having in addition to the H&N FTTs in all sizes

are JSB Jumbo 16gr, JSB Heavy 18gr , AA Heavy 18gr, AA 16gr,

H&N Baracuda, Baracuda Match, Lead free Baracuda, Lead free

H&N FTT,  Crosman Premier domed, Crosman Pointed but not

the Destroyers, Benjamin Domed, Predator Poly Mags, Predator

GTO lead free, JSB Express, AA Falcon.

NOTE they have to be 5.52 or larger.

Theoretically, if you are a decent shot, you should get

smaller groups that what your friend got. If not, you will

definitely be needing a lot more trigger time practice

practice practice. Slow things down a bit, no rush...

Set up a chrony with battery operated lights on top

and log your velocity as you shoot your groups.

Watch AEAC. 

Slow things down.......


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2018-09-25 19:36:46  

And stop wasting your money on the PBA novelty pellets. If you shoot close range then fine but it seems as though you are looking to get good accuracy at 50 yards so that is why I suggest those specific pellets to have at all times.

These are 22 caliber pellets so you don't have an action co2 pistol that you can just waste them at tin cans at 20 feet with. If you had a 177 then it wouldn't matter you could have a blast shooting the not so good pellets through action replica pistols or even SSPs such as the Daisy 717s and above just for plinking with at close range.

That is what I do with the damaged ones after I run modified dull drill bits to make the skirts concentric again.

As stated before always have the "MAGIC PELLETS" on hand.

It is also good news that your gun in particular seems to like the cheaper Crosman CPHPs from Walmart. It can only get better.


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2018-09-26 16:19:47  

Please explain your choice of scope mounting. Photo and video show the scope mounted differently.

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2018-09-26 17:05:23  

"Are you kidding me?" That part of the video did get me to laugh. 🤣 Keep em coming. 👍 

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2018-09-26 20:30:12  

I shoot almost exclusively .177, but FWIW I've had great luck with the Walmart Crosman Premier hollowpoints.  They shoot well in almost all of my guns.  I recently picked up a Chaser pistol in .22, and it too seems to like the CPHP.  I always have a few tins of "magic" pellets on hand for specific guns.  They are mostly H&N or JSB domes in 4.52, with different weights for different guns.  But for a day-in-day-out utility pellet that I pretty much know will work, Walmart CPHPs are my go-to pellet.  It's always the first thing I try when I get a new gun.  Damn good pellet at a reasonable price, and readily available.

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2018-09-26 21:26:39  

I too noticed that you had the scope mounted behind the breech cutout when you did some of the accuracy testing.

I have found that it's best to keep it in front of the breech cutout if possible.


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