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Basement Bullseye Blaster  


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chaser.22 02
chaser.22 01

.22 Chaser with FFHDD, clear aperture front sight on a Stormrider front barrel band, older El Gamo rear sight.  This is the only .22 airgun I own, and I've only ever shot it with cheap Walmart Crosman Piranha pellets.  The match sight and clear aperture combination is like a zero-power scope.  This thing will single-hole at 7 yds in the basement, and the factory moderator makes it sound like a quiet click.  LOVE these SPA CO2 guns!  (The little 2-slot Weaver rail on the bottom of the barrel band is for my Maglight.)

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but you need more sight length and how to do it

12 ID to 15 OD carbon fiber tubing on Ebay    they sell it 500mm lengths

one of these and these

the muzzle brake will not take a FWB, Diana or Anschutz front sights but the AV sight takes 17.2mm Anschutz inserts that are also used in Lyman 20 and 93 front sights

I'm working on a cut down Stromrider barrel at 13 inches and added a sized down Marauder pistol 1/2- 20 to the muzzle brake


looks good



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