Bantam and slugs  


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2018-10-31 21:24:43  

Hey everybody. I was wondering if anyone out there has attempted to shoot the Nielsen slugs through a Brocock Bantam hi-lite or Bantam Sniper. I don’t know the twist rate on either of them, or even which twist rate works the best, for that matter. Can enough velocity be achieved to shoot these swaged slugs is another question. Just curious as I am contemplating between the Bantam Sniper or an FX Impact. 

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2018-10-31 23:13:30  

have you been to the Nielson site, if not take a look about the do not buy for FX rifles and  you could go LW barrels and see what there barrel twist is because it seems that the Brocock is using there barrels and if I were you an email to Nielson might be in order to answer some of your questions

I know nothing about any of this but after a little reading I did find a few facts



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