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2019-03-31 15:13:34  

I'm considering purchasing the AR2078 in the "B" version, but I was wondering: I assume the side lever is a single stroke pneumatic, but it also reminds me of the spring piston side lever type such as the QB57. Could someone tell me which it is?

Also, does anyone have velocity info for this gun? Do you know how it compares to the CO2 version in this regard?

Thanks for any info that you can provide...

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well let me stumble in here because after doing some research you question don't make much sense 

the A version uses and bolt and the B uses a side lever both are CO2 and it seems the B model has a choked barrel where as the A model did but doesn't now 

but all of this was found on Google and also found on Google was these rifles have a leaking of CO2 sometimes right out of the box, so says Archer site 

so here




so all i know is what i read 



Doug Wall
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2019-03-31 18:36:13  

"I assume the side lever is a single stroke pneumatic, but it also reminds me of the spring piston side lever type such as the QB57"

It's neither. The 2078 is in the QB78 family of CO2 rifles. They are rated at about 650 fps in 0.177. With some valve work, you can bump that up a bit.

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2019-04-01 20:51:55  

I own several 2078s and 2079s both bolt actions and I really want to buy one of the side levers.

 I have one of my QBs converted to HPA  177 bottle gun that shoots 725fps with Crosman Premier Hollow Points 7.9gr and it is very accurate and no other mods done besides an LDC and just by converting it to HPA it got bumped up in power and retains its factory parts and settings.

It is the precursor to the Umarex Gauntlet.



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2019-04-02 22:09:55  

OK, my mistake, I see now: the side lever is just for cocking the bolt, not cocking a piston spring, or working a pump of any kind. Silly me.

This is what threw made me think of the short side-lever on the QB 57. Of course, it seems obvious now that that's not the case.

Tim Ward
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2019-04-05 12:07:13  

I just ordered a 2078B yesterday from Grab A Gun. $177 and some change. $198 and change shipped. It says 650 fps.

I shoot left hand but I have other lefty guns I can shoot okay. Might cut down the left side a little to make more ambi or order another stock.I'll see.


I had a 2078 with the thumb hole stock/ bolt action for few months. From PA, $199 shipped. I removed the open sights, slid the muzzle break up flush with the muzzle and scoped it. I'll probably do the same with the "B". 

At our last monthly fun shoot in Cross, S.C. I zeroed the 2078 for 25 yards and shot at a 3/4 inch stick on for covering hole and had three holes touching in the stick on. Later we were packing up to go and I shot it at the same type target at 50 yards. POI was 5 inches low and 1 inch left and the three holes were touching. On the 13th we'll be up there again and I'll zero it for 50 yards and see what the "B" will do.

I get about 25 shots with the thumb hole 2078 before the POI starts dropping. Unlike the regular 78's the 2078's have a hole on the left side of the receiver and a tool for de-gasing. This co2 stuff is all new to me. I'm a springer guy at heart.

Wonder if anyone makes a custom left hand stock for them?

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