Ar-15 in a big bore...

Ar-15 in a big bore pcp  


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2018-12-04 22:33:52  

I'm looking for a pcp ar15 in 9mm or higher but cant seem to find any pcp ar's or any ar's higher then .177 I wouldn't mind getting one customary for me anyone have any advice ?

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James D.
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2019-01-19 02:42:41  

I mean, closest thing you'll find is semi auto PCP. If you just want an AR looking rifle, why 9mm or bigger? Do you mean slugs, Diabolo pellets?

You can buy 9mm/.357 single shot or magazine fed side lever.

If you want a 9mm semi auto that feeds? Closest thing I know is non imported any longer Evanix semi/full auto, or an actual Castleman or copy.

The semi is imported up to .22/.25

Custom build? How much can you afford, and why not a real AR?

Without those answers, I personally can't point you anywhere without knowing why you want it. 


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