Any Sumatra owners ...

Any Sumatra owners interested in a magazine holder?  


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2019-06-17 20:07:51  


Anyone who owns a Sumatra knows what a pita it is dealing with magazines that don't hold pellets.  I get it, in a way they're a great magazine.. they have no chance of deforming any pellet put in.  But shooting in the field has always been a tedious affair.  Stop shooting, take out the mag, reload from a pellet pen by turning each pellet around, point the muzzle up, hold the lever back, load the mag, with a whole lot of juggling going on.  Shooting from a bench on a bi-pod you don't have to deal with all that, but I never warmed to it for field work.

I recently took a foray into printed plastic, and the first part my tutor and I made was a magazine holder.  It uses the spring loaded bearings that keep the magazine in the gun to keep the magazine safely centered in the holder, and the shape insures that no pellets drop out of the magazine regardless of the muzzle orientation during the transition from the holder to the gun.  These are some prototypes I ordered from various printing shops.  


Sumatra holders


Since then, I decided to just take the plunge and buy a printer.  They work fine as they are, but I'm currently working on a new version with some useful upgrades, and I think having my own printer will help the design process.

Even as they are, the effect on using the gun was dramatic!  Shoot, pop the empty mag out, pop the loaded mag in, and resume fire.  What a joy!  This is virtually a 6 gun speed loader, akin in theory to what people use with flip out revolvers.  Now this big heavy gun is getting new life as an action shooter.  

I look forward to your impressions and feedback!  



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So, is there no love for the Sumatra here, or just the pellet holders?  😉  

Oh well.  I do love reading about the fine spring guns many of you hold dear.  I don't have many, but the ones I do have, I do enjoy.  So many guns, so little time...

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I think it's a great idea.  I know I didnt comment sooner because I dont have access to such a printer so could offer nothing in that regard.  But it's amazing to me the things that folks who do have them come up with.

On my Sumatra, I have the spare mag somewhere in a bag inside a drawer.  Something like this could keep it with the gun as it's meant to be.  Nicely done!

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This is just about the end product. Sure, one could carry the loaded mag holders in their pocket. At least the mag holder will let you carry Sumatra reloads!  But how about a belt mount holding 3 mags ready to go! 

20190713 173423

20190713 173317

18 no fumbling follow on shots for a Sumatra.. now that's fun!

I'm thinking of putting these out for sale. Anyone interested, or have design change suggestions? 

Thanks for looking!




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