Any ideas where to ...

Any ideas where to find a Diana Model 27 trigger blade.  


John in PA
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2019-08-25 20:25:54  

I'm working on one for a customer and the plastic trigger blade has broken where the pin passes through it.

I called Umarex but they want to sell the entire trigger group for as much as the owner has in the rifle.

wondering if anyone has one or where to search next. Thanks in advance, John

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2019-08-26 02:59:44  

Waffencenter Gotha and OMPS 2 list them but with shipping they be stupid pricey

I think I would try some metal shim material and epoxy if there is enough side room, even very thin washers might last for awhile

it is one of those have to bit the bullet sort of things

and I would think used triggers might have the same problems


good luck



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2019-08-26 09:42:23  

For obscure items like this, it can be good to check by phone with John Groenewold at - he may have odd bits not listed on the website.

Don R.

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2019-08-26 15:26:30  

I bought a Diana 27 that has a plastic trigger made out of a piece of plastic.  It looks like the plastic that was used in those plastic slide open boxes that 22 rimfire ammo came in, the black case, not the amber one.  The plastic trigger wobbles all over but is the lightest Diana 27 trigger I have ever felt.  I think I paid $25 for the gun, it is rough and it's not worth much more.  I keep it just for the ingenuity of the guy that made the trigger.

I would also recommend John Groenewold.  He seems to have a lot of obscure parts.

David Enoch

Bob in WV
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2019-08-27 22:02:56  

Maybe someone with a 3d printer could print you one.

Bob in WV


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